Dream Kelly

First Impressions

The tour for DreamKelly is one of the busiest I’ve seen in recent memory. There are graphical flourishes everywhere and pictures of Kelly dotting the screen attempting to turn you on. It shouldn’t be that hard as she’s one of the most beautiful young babes I’ve ever seen. She has the most luxurious blonde hair of any model on the web and her body is so tiny and tight you’ll wish you could grab her in your arms and squeeze her. Kelly appears to have mastered the art of appearing both sex crazed and innocent at the same time and it’s enough to drive a man wild.

Hot Promises

In between all the hoopla surrounding the tour you should be able to dig up a little information about Kelly. She’s 18 years old and started her website only a few days after her birthday. She weighs only 104 lbs on a 5’ 4” frame and she has B cup breasts. She also has a free video that you can download featuring her masturbating on her back deck while sunning herself. Check out that video and tell me you’re not interested in seeing more of this girl. Promised are high definition videos (I’m skeptical about that one), regular weekly updates, amazing photo galleries, and live cam shows. I’m looking forward to checking out the truth of these promises.


The first thing you’ll notice as a member is that Kelly does a pretty good job up sticking to her weekly update schedule. She’s a little late on the most recent update (as of July 2, 2007) but before that she hasn’t missed one in months. There’s one video titled ‘Anal Pleasure’ that has my curiosity piqued, especially since they claim that one’s available in HD. However, I’m going to hold off until I’ve explored the rest of the site. The rest of the member’s area is fairly well designed, although I could do without some of the more invasive advertisements.

One positive is the exceptional number of bonus sites that come with your membership - there are more than 30 included. The site’s content is divided simply into pictures and videos with nothing else to see. That’s all you really need though. There are more than 150 picture galleries listed, although it should be noted that they’ve split numerous photo shoots into multiple galleries in an apparent attempt to pad their numbers and make updating a little easier. Some shoots have been split into three galleries, which makes the update claims a little less impressive.

Still, there are a ton of galleries already here so you shouldn’t worry about the updates until you’ve been a member for several months. Even then you might not concern yourself given how beautiful Kelly is. I’ve already touched on this, but I think she’s one of the finer teenage babes I’ve seen on the web, and I’ve reviewed quite a few sites in my time on the job. Kelly stands head and shoulders above almost all of them due to her perpetually youthful look, her sense of style, and her flawless face.

When it comes to a teen babe site there’s a careful balance to maintain between trying to look youthful and trying to look sexy. There’s something about Kelly’s body and face that allow her to do both no matter what she’s wearing. Still, I’m thankful that she chooses to lean towards sexy clothing in most cases. There are a number of hot lingerie galleries in her collection and a few where she poses in a sexy costume (cheerleader, maid). There are also some where she works an exceptionally youthful look with pigtails, ribbons, etc.

Given the way they’ve divided the photo shoots almost every gallery has less than 60 photos. When you’re browsing through the photo galleries you’ll find that the thumbnails are a little small and don’t always represent the image because they’ve cut off some of the picture to make the thumbnail square. Other than that the galleries are easy to browse. It’s also worth noting that Kelly’s hair color changes about halfway through the site from blonde to brown. Both look great, however.

There are two galleries that stand out above the others for me. The first features Kelly posing in an amazing pink babydoll with satin bra cups and a sheer material cascading down her stomach. Also included is a sexy pair of pink panties. Eventually she strips naked and plays with herself. The other gallery that caught my attention shows Kelly in a black pinstripe bra and panty set as she sits at her desk and gets some work done. She has blonde hair in that gallery and I really like it.

There are more than 70 downloadable videos at DreamKelly and they feature a variety of sexy scenarios. First and foremost, the videos are shot separately from the picture galleries and therefore provide an entirely new experience. Sometimes all you see is a girl standing still while a photographer snaps shots, and there’s nothing more boring than that. Here we see Kelly really concentrating on pleasing her fans with masturbation scenes, sexy stripping, dancing, and so much more.

The high definition videos promised on the tour are indeed here, although most of the clips are not available at that quality. It seems though that the most recent clips are all available in HD, so the longer you’re a member the larger the HD video collection will be. The standard size videos are quite good however, so there’s no reason to worry about that. Once I started browsing the videos the first one I downloaded was the aforementioned ‘Anal Pleasure’ clip and it was well worth the time to bring down the HD clip. In it Kelly fucks her ass with a black dildo, showing you that she’s quite the naughty babe. The other video I enjoyed featured Kelly posing in a Little Red Riding Hood costume and masturbating. She looks amazing in it!

Aside from the pictures and videos there’s nothing else to see at DreamKelly. The kind of stuff many other teen sites feature – journals and diaries, candid pictures, wallpapers, etc – is missing entirely and it takes something small away from the site. However, it’s not enough to keep you from joining considering how beautiful Kelly is. Also, there are more than 30 bonus sites at your disposal, including seven solo babe sites just like Kelly’s. Other genres covered include hardcore sex, homemade videos, fetish clips, big dicks, anal sex, and so much more. It’s a huge network that’s always growing.

Croco’s Opinion

Kelly is one of my favorite teen models, if you couldn’t already tell. I lust after her combination of good looks and sexiness, and she’s put together a great site that combines everything she does well into one package. There are more than 140 picture galleries and 70 videos for download, which should be enough content to keep you satisfied for months. If that’s not enough content you can browse through the more than 30 hot bonus sites. I give DreamKelly my highest recommendation and suggest that you head over immediately and join up.


The site is so simple, with the only pages to visit being the picture and video galleries, that navigating it is a breeze. The only thing that might be confusing is all the bonus content, but even that’s pretty well organized.

Pricing Policy

One month membership goes for $29.99 and renews at that price every 30 days. There’s a 3 day trial available for $2.93, but it rebills at $39.93.

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